Our bowling and karaoke event was intended to be a day of fun – and that’s exactly what it was! I didn’t expect the event to be so popular and initially made arrangements for 12 people. But then it got over subscribed with 18 people registering. I thought that was as a good number to close registrations!

We were split into 3 groups of 6 people for the one hour of bowling — which had 10 games! It really was an hour of laughs and high fives; a lot of misses but also some strikes!

If bowling was such good fun, karaoke was even better. We were in pairs and so each team would pick their song and the rest of us would act as backup singers! For two hours, we sang a lot of old classic and a few new songs.

There’s really not much to recap about bowling and karaoke. But we sang and danced our hearts out, met new people and ate some decent food. We were also having a bit too much fun to take photos or videos (and the room was a bit dark) but here are a few, thanks to Mercy!

That’s all folks! Do you enjoy bowling and karaoke?

pS: Details for our next event is now available. Check it out and maybe see you soon!


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  1. Tayo Adeyemi

    September 8, 2019 at 11:41

    I had a very fun day, thanks to Kachi! Very well organised and well worth every penny….I took all that energy into the new week and buzzed all through 🙂
    Thank you Mercy for the lovely photos.

  2. Aisha

    September 11, 2019 at 19:34

    This was fun to read. I’ve gone bowling once and I really enjoyed it. Should do that sometime soon.


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