Unforgettable Wedding Memories: 5 Amazing Moments at Ours

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November 6, 2016

Did you ever imagine how you wanted your wedding to be? I may be a bit strange because I never did.  Maybe I’m just way too practical, or maybe, just way too boring. It’s the same way I never considered the kind of wedding ring I wanted. 

In this post I said my wedding photos constantly made me happy. And they do.

But looking through them recently, I realised that I could definitely see that it was over two years ago.We both seem to have changed. From extra inches added (especially Tee!) to a more sort of mature look.  But there were some amazing and heartfelt moments I’ll forever be thankful for. moments!  When I shared this post, the consensus was for more wedding posts! So here we are – 5 amazing moments for me at #KacheeTee2014 (We didn’t actually have a wedding hashtag as we both were not on Instagram at that time. But if we had, it just may have been that!)

1. The Dress Up

We had too much fun. At least I did. From jumping on the bed & conversations with my sisters about my really getting married, to laughter hugs and selfies with my girls and some of my closest friends. I loved every bit of it.  Ofcourse you probably know from this post that I wouldn’t have enjoyed sitting still for the make up. But we all had good banter, including the photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist. 

2. The Surprise! 

I mentioned in this post how there was one  more personalised item I missed out! Well technically they were two. And remember from this post when I said the first flowers I ever received from Tee was on the wedding day! It was such a surprise I had no idea.  One minute I was a Blackberry loyalist. The next minute, I got lured to the Apple team. The engraved messages at the back of the phone and iPad blew me away. I don’t think I’ll ever give them away. 

3. The Filled Up Church

These days a lot of guests tend to consider the reception bit as the part they like to attend. It’s often about the food, photos and the after party – including all kinds wedding dancers you’re sure to spot. It was therefore genuinely amazing when I walked into the church and saw a full crowd! The pews were full. I know how early people had to leave their houses to get to the destination to avoid traffic. Totally heartwarming. If you were there and I’ve  never actually thanked you in person, apologies. It meant the world to me.

4. The Vows & Surprise Certificate!

Marriage vows are deep. If you take time out to consider the words. Especially when traditional churches have stuck to words like “In sickness and in health; For richer for poorer”. The moment of taking the vows and slipping on the rings in front of family & friends was priceless. Hearing Tee’s voice shake at those words was pretty cool too! Another surprise – and this time for both of us. The priest who joined us (and who is family) got us a certificate of blessing hand signed by the Pope!

5. The Garden Shoot

Before the reception began proper, I’m glad we took some time to take photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen! The banter and statements like “Did you guys actually just get married!” made such a great moment. A bug might have attempted to get into my dress, but that didn’t ruin the moment. 

Asides these, the reception was pretty fun as well. Despite my fears for dancing, I managed to pull off the couples entrance, our first dance & the father-daughter dance. But I totally couldn’t save my girls. As when there was a dance off between the groomsmen & bridesmaids, they won us hands down! Oh and another cool moment was towards the end when Tee took the microphone and joined the band to sing to me. 

I’m so thankful for these moments. But guess what? Weddings are never  that perfect and there’s often glitches! I had some hilarious ones and the next wedding post will be on those! 

Your turn. What were the best moments of your wedding. Not married? What moments do you look forward to the most?



pS: Fun Fact: We didn’t have that moment of “You may kiss the bride”. Our Officiating minister isn’t quite a fan of those!

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