Weddings always seem so perfect when you see the photos and edited videos; particularly when you’ve invested in a great photographer & videographer in order to show the best clips and memories.

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But there are so many hilarious behind the scenes and bits we never hear of. I was looking through my Instagram recently when I stumbled on the only video my sisters made while in the car on the way to the wedding!  It reminded me of the behind the scenes and I thought I’ll share with you some of mine!

1. Nail Salon Drama

I was never really a fan of getting acrylic nails so it was one of those things I pushed till the last minute thinking the salon will be open till late. It was the Friday before the wedding and at about 6 pm when I tried to get into the nail studio only for the attendants to say that they had closed for the day! I panicked. “No way, you can’t have closed” I need to get my nails done. They didn’t budge. I stood there and finally blurted “it’s my wedding tomorrow please I need to fix my nails!” After a long wait, someone finally had a change of heart and said:“okay Iyawo* we’ll attend to you”. The thing is for some reason I was already de-stabilised so I didn’t like the initial colour of nail polish. I ended up going to another salon at about 11 pm to simply change the colour!

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2. Late! & Driver Disappeared

I already shared how getting dressed with my friends and sisters was one of the unforgettable moments at our wedding! The consequence of that was that we spent way too much time. To make matters worse, halfway my hair stylist informed me that she had previously accepted another appointment to style another brides hair. So she had to go there and then come back to me. There was really nothing I could do but wait. That took about an hour or more. When she returned, lots of rushing! And when we were finally ready to get out  the driver could not be found! Thank God for photographers who agree to drive you and for fun videos we can make on the way.

When I got into the church, the ceremony had already started and I didn’t have my grand entrance. It’s a good thing I never really dreamt of a grand entrance else I just may have been shattered. Tee was also already seated and the sermon had begun. I know he was wondering if I’d developed a last minute cold feet (haha!), but people were telling him not to worry that I’ll turn up! Well, I did. After enduring the tougher months of our long distance relationship and student days, I wasn’t about to not turn up to enjoy all the better days ahead! 

Unfortunately, being late meant that I couldn’t really use the personalised message banner in this post that the husband had made. I’m so sure I’ll never hear the last of the fact that I was late for my own wedding. 

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3. Groomsman Stuck in Brazil!

Apparently, one of Tee’s groomsman was stuck in Rio! He had travelled to watch the Nigerian team at the World Cup games and was supposed to arrive  in time for the wedding. But I think his flight got delayed and he couldn’t make it as a groomsman. He did make it to the end of the reception though!  So that explains why we were kind of one person short on the Bridal train!

4. I didn’t Eat Small Chops

What’s a Nigerian wedding without small chops*! So imagine that I didn’t eat any. We arrived at the reception venue and while still in the car requested for a plate of small chops each! Before I could even take a bite into the hot puff-puff we were asked to make our way into the hall. One thing led to another and I totally forgot about the small chops. When I remembered much later towards the end, we received the sad response that it was all gone! The next day, the very kind vendors provided us with three trays full and I ate to my satisfaction. But it still doesn’t take away the fact that I didn’t eat small chops on that day! I’m not even sure which people will prefer. Not having small chops or not having great music and dancing!

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5. Too Tired for Heels & Makeup

You know how you have it all planned out. I planned to change to a second outfit with matching heels. But when the time came, I was way too tired. Thankfully I had a pair of flats that could very well do the job. I was also supposed to touch of my makeup but also couldn’t make out the time. I later realised in the photos that one of the faux eyelashes had started coming off! Oh dear.

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Anyway, I’ve heard of people’s cakes crashing and makeup artists not turning up at all. So maybe these weren’t too bad. It’s a good thing we can look back at this and laugh.

Being super organised and having a wedding planner will definitely help tie loose ends but ultimately there may be a few glitches beyond anyone’s control! Don’t sweat the small stuff – the marriage is always more important than the wedding!

Did you have any hilarious moments or have you witnessed any?

Share with us!



pS: You all said you loved these wedding related posts, so I still have a couple to share. Maybe after that we can talk about the traditional wedding – haven’t really touched on that. Let me know your thoughts.

*Iyawo – Yoruba word for new wife

*Small chops – Nigerian style canapes that’s absolutely amazing. The highlight of it arguably being the Puff Puff – deep fried rounded balls of dough. If you have not, you have to try it!

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