Another month, another set of mini faves. These are some of the things I’ve loved in the month of May.

As usual, they cut across various areas and I share the good sides and downsides (very few things are absolutely perfect yes?) with prices and links to purchase!

So let’s see what’s in the bag this time.

1. IKEA Apple Slicer

I know, I know, it sounds basic but apples can be a funny fruit to eat in public. It’s kind of tough to figure out how to open your mouth and bite into into it just the right way without making a mess or being too loud. At office meetings and lunches – I always avoid the apples and go straight for the grapes or something less intrusive to eat.

If only I could have this with me at all times as since I picked this up and started using it a couple of months ago, I’ve hardly eaten apples the same way again. At the time, I bought it, I wasn’t even sure if I’d use it. It just seemed like a pretty kitchen tool to have. And then voila – game changer. Simply, place the apple on the provided tray and use the slicer over it.

It makes your apples pretty and if you serve it to guests, they might wonder how you did that! Or just for you too – because you also deserve nice things. Also great for slicing up apples to include in kids lunch boxes. Although I haven’t tried, IKEA suggests that it could also be used to slice onions.

The down side? The blades are quite sharp so you have to be careful – no rough plays. Oh and of course an extra piece of item to wash just because you want to eat an apple!

2. Amazon 60” Tripod

So, it seems I’m one of the last people to get on this Tripod magic. I’ve often wondered how people who are mostly alone get very nice photos. Last year after our struggle to get a first Christmas family photo, my friend tipped me off that she had to set the tripod the night before. Also a number of the sole female travelers in this post noted that they take their gorgeous photos with tripods. So I decided “no more excuses” and me thinking “I’m not tech enough for this”.

Ufuoma recommended this tripod for starters and I have to say I quite like it. It was very easy to set up (ok Tee set it up not me), and manoeuvre.  It also has a travel bag – which I think would come in handy. So I tried to take a few photos, with it – haven’t got the perfect hang of it yet, but I’ll keep trying – playing around with light and height. But if you’re looking to shop for one, it seems to do the job.

Note: If using a phone and not a proper camera, you may have to use a separate phone mount / holder for the Tripod.

3.   Otegha Uwagba’s Little Black Book (that’s actually pink!)

I’d seen this book around with some pretty decent reviews, but I’m not sure why I decided to actually buy it. I think with being on maternity break and not back at work, I needed an easy to read book with punchy lines that could still make me focus (and remember) that aspect of my life – as it’s marketed as a tool kit for working women and has been described as “solid gold”, “the book for women with drive” and a “must read for all creative women”.

While I haven’t finished reading it, I don’t exactly think it’s one you simply finish and dump. It’s go to practical advice you ought to read and refresh often covering areas such as networking, presentation skills , money, and  tips for creatives/freelancers.  It also includes some career advice from trailblazing women. That said, I don’t personally think it’s new stuff that I haven’t heard before (and I’ve actually written about on the blog). But then what’s new under the sun? I especially love it because if I wanted to write a book, it’s the kind of book I’ll look to writing and dare I say it has totally given me the encouragement to possibly write one!  So, it’s a fave.

4. Edz Kidz Interlocking Foam Baby Play Mat

You know there was a high chance there’d be a baby item. I’d seen these kind of mats way before I had a baby and I thought they were cute. But I didn’t bother getting them because we had rugs on the floor. But when babies start trying to sit up – an extra layer of protection is helpful to avoid harmful falls.

There are a bunch of them on Amazon and other stores, and I was pretty lazy to do thorough research. But my friend Sally came through with the exact link to the one she got. So I’m paying it forward. Currently at a full 5 star review on Amazon and 579 reviewers, it seems like great value – for 18 pieces. It’s sturdy and thick and I have a bit of fun setting it up (I like puzzles!). But it’s a little pain if you have to dismantle it daily and set up the next day.

However, I wish it was either like an actual puzzle with illustrations or pieces that have to go in a certain way – so toddlers could have a go at it or at the very least maybe have the alphabets or numbers on each square – something to add more value would have been welcome!

That’s a wrap. What items have you been loving lately – share? Would you consider / need any of these for yourself or friends?


Kachee… Xx

pS: Apologies no photo of the Tripod – it’s really just a tripod. Not much to show there.

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  1. Dee Olateru

    June 2, 2018 at 09:50

    I have the book I randomly saw it at Oliver Bonas and first bought it to support a Naija sister, I haven’t read mine yet but its on my summer list. I also got it as a gift for a friend.I also have a tripod but I get really lazy to take it with me on trips. Finally took it on my last trip and while i was still lazy at using it, the few times I did, it was worth it as a solo

    • Kachee ||

      June 5, 2018 at 11:02

      Yay for buying it for support! I think it’s a good one to read a couple of paragraphs a day even if you don’t read it all at once!

  2. Live In Ibadan

    June 2, 2018 at 15:46

    Nice list. The mat looks really cool. I’m sure jidenna would love

    • Kachee ||

      June 5, 2018 at 11:02

      He does!

  3. Oluwatobi

    June 18, 2018 at 09:43

    Thanks for this. I am definitely trying the apple slicer and getting the tripod.