Hi, I’m Kachi!

It’s exciting to have lots of people who already know me, visit and read this space frequently. But there’s something particularly exciting when a new reader lands on here. Thank you for taking time out to read this page!

I spent the first 25 years of my life mostly in Lagos Nigeria — for the most part with a typical Nigerian upbringing. I knew close to nothing about blogging or the online world!

You could even say I lived under a rock somewhat being a bookworm and chasing two first class law degrees at the University of Ibadan and the Nigerian Law School. In the midst of that, I met my husband Tola in Uni (not quite high school sweethearts but somewhat cute and we’ve been together for 12 years). My first foray out of Lagos was for my masters degree at Cambridge, UK – thanks to a Commonwealth Scholarship.

In 2014, Tola and I got married and we made the UK our home in July that year. Since then we’ve been acclimatising to the English weather, Sunday roasts and everything being “just round the corner”. In October 2017, we had our little boy Jidenna, and together they continue to give my daily life meaning.

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After practicing as a lawyer in Lagos, I’ve re-qualified as a UK Solicitor and currently work full time as a lawyer in the corporate technology space. When I’m not at my day job or busy with KacheeTee, I enjoy spending time with family, day dreaming of travel and food or simply chilling on the couch with a good book. I’m a true homebody who doesn’t watch much TV. I answered a Q&A “Get to Know Me” type post here!

What is KacheeTee?

I started writing this blog in February 2016 (first post here!) as I simply needed a platform for the many things in my head. Not thinking beyond the moment, I named the blog after a nickname I was often called at University – one derived from my name and Tola’s (who is often called Tee)

Safe to say that name, as its own brand now means so much more. KacheeTee as a blog is simply a positive space to evoke decent conversations that’ll help us live life with intention and make the best of it.

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Our blog content straddles Motherhood and Parenting, Careers, Daily Living, Relationships, Travel and Style. In all of this, our writing strives to be simple – to have you inspired, learn something new and/or have a laugh. So have a play around the site and definitely subscribe to get all of the regular updates, giveaways, event details and general fun stuff. More recently, the brand has expanded to include the KacheeTee Circle.

Check out the About Page for more and the rest of the team. If you’re interested in collaborations jump to the Work With Me page.

I love hearing from first timers! Whether it’s to say just say hi, or give feedback, do drop me an email on hello@kacheetee.com

See you around!