In this post I sum up my thoughts about FeastBox recipe box, and I let you know what I think about food recipe boxes!

I’d seen various ads for recipe boxes on traditional TV media and via bloggers/influencers on social media. It surely seemed like the next best thing after sliced bread. A box of perfectly measured out ingredients with recipe cards. All you had to do was mix and match, and viola dinner was set!

Subscription Recipe Box UK Delivery

When I stumbled on FeastBox, my curiosity extended. I specifically loved the fact their boxes were tailored to middle eastern cuisine. While I love Thai and similar cuisines, I don’t cook much of it other than curries. And even then, I can’t claim to use the most traditional ingredients.

Interestingly, FeastBox agreed to a paid partnership. They were going to send a FeastBox recipe box for me to try, in exchange for one photo on Instagram. That contract has since ended, and so even though I worked with them previously, this post is not paid. I only wanted to write a more lengthy FeastBox Recipe Box review of my thoughts especially for others who may consider trying FeastBox Recipe Box or other similar recipe boxes.

The Feast Box Recipe Box Appeal

I liked the fact that they catered to a niche of middle eastern cuisine. This makes it great for families and individuals to try out new recipes using authentic and traditional ingredients. And if you had guests who loved such cuisines as well, you knew where to turn! They have a wide range of curries, vegetarian dishes, meat dishes and vegan food too.

It appears however that Feast Box have extended their offering to “world food”. So this includes Japanese, Moroccan meals etc. I guess that’s still very welcome! 

How Does It Work

Pretty simple. You choose your meals based on the weekly menu available, decide if you want the 2 or 4 person option. At checkout, there’s also the option to add extras like wines, or drinks, sauces or dips and canapes like samosas.   By placing an order for a FeastBox recipe box you sign up to a flexible subscription service – where you could pick your meals or have the Feastbox team pick one for you. You could also skip a week or pause your subscription.

What Dishes Did I Go For?

First, I did not go for any vegan or vegetarian dishes. It was really tempting to do so, and I considered it for more than a brief minute. At the end of the day my safe and meat loving side won.

Nonetheless I tried to be a little adventurous. Although I’d previously  made curries, I’d never tried Fish Curry. So I went with the Malabari Fish Curry and Sweet and Sour Duck Breast – since I’d also never cooked duck myself or at home, I decided to try it out!

Receiving the Delivery

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised. My box arrived on a Friday – the FeastBox team need 4 days lead time and do not deliver on Mondays. I’ll have to say that no one was home at the time so the delivery was left with a neighbour. Interesting to note that the box had boldly inscribed on it “No one answering the door? Just leave me in a safe place to chill”. The box was therefore at my neighbours for more than 8 hours until I got home from work.

UK Recipe Subscription Box - FeastBox Recipe Box Review

What’s Was in My Feast Box Recipe Box?

When I got home, everything looked super fresh. The ingredients had been placed in a cooler box with lots of ice bags for the duck and fish. Other ingredients like mushrooms, parsley and ginger had been placed separately in a cloth bag. The rest of the ingredients were packaged and measured as required in smaller plastic containers. The box also included two A4 size recipe cards detailing the step by step procedure based on a meal for two or four 4. 

FeastBox Recipe Box

Easy to Follow?

The recipe cards were very easy to follow. It helped that I didn’t have to measure or seek out any ingredients – even the onion had already been sauteed! It was all wonderfully laid out on my kitchen table for my use. So all it took was unwrapping the containers and use as required. If I do say so myself, my fish curry tasted beautiful. Because I love some extra kick, I had to include some sliced scotch bonnet to the curry.

I had a glitch with my duck! First, I guess because it’s meat. Some people like it rare, medium rare or medium well. I fall more into the latter. Using the instructions, the duck didn’t appear to my taste even after it was supposedly done -but that’s a personal preference thing.

Secondly I must have lost concentration for one minute while cooking the rice as I’d mistakenly included two cups of water other than 1. Two cups was required for a four person meal but I was only cooking for two. But again, that’s on me. 

Thoughts on Pricing?

The average price of a meal on the FeastBox Recipe Box is about £6.50. The pricing appears transparent and the cost of your box depends on your selection. As you’re very likely to spend around this range or even more on similar takeouts, I consider the pricing to be very decent. In addition, there’s the added bonus of a home made meal and the chance to improve your culinary skills.

Is the FeastBox Recipe Box Practical? 

As a subscription service, I would definitely say it could be practical. It saves you time, cost and you get to try a variety of meals especially if you cook for no more than 4 people. It’d also a great way occasionally to try new meals and they’ve got a wonderful vegan selection. 

That’s my FeastBox Recipe Box review and experience in under 1000 words. What do you think? Have you tried such recipe boxes before? Would you consider? 

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  1. Chiemela

    February 28, 2020 at 12:56

    Kachee, thank you for this review. Prior to now, I had no idea of what a food box was, infact I had to Google it once I saw the notification. This is a superb idea and I hope we have something like this in Nigeria, because we need it. The price is actually decent as well. I was thinking it’d have been way more expensive than that. I like how you enjoy going on ‘cookscapades’ It’s definitely worth it.