Here are some of the questions I get asked concerning For a little about me, you can check the About page.

1. When can I expect to find new posts on the blog?

We aim to blog every weekday. But we’re focused on quality over quantity, so this could sometimes be 3-4 times a week. The absolute best way to be sure you never miss a post, though, is to visit the blog daily! You could also subscribe to the blog to get our weekly newsletter with blog posts and other benefits. We’ll also let you know on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter when there’s a new blog post! We’d love for you to stay in touch.

2. How can I join the KT team?

We’re gradually building a core team and are on the look out for collaborators. So I’d love to hear from you and what you can offer. There are a ton of ways you can be a part of the KT team. We’re currently open to new blog contributors, social media support, help curating articles for the newsletter, assistance brainstorming content, graphics and design, etc. All you need is the interest, love for KT and dedication. If you’d like to discuss any possible roles, please send me an email at

3. What is the KacheeTee Circle and how can I be a part of it?

The KacheeTee Circle is simply “the blog in real life.” We organize curated and targeted events and meetups to help us be our best selves! The circle began because we believe there’s nothing like an actual in-real-life hug! So far, we’ve done everything from brunches, photo walks, afternoon teas, and book events — it’s been absolutely fantastic! You can read about some of our events here. If you’re subscribed to the blog, you’ll get all the updates!

4. Are comments moderated on the blog?

We love hearing from you and enjoy honest conversations, so comments are not typically moderated. However, insensitive or unkind comments may be deleted.

5. Are you open to blogger collaborations or guest posts?

Totally! Since I started blogging, I’ve learnt so much from my blogger friends and it’s always great to collaborate, if we can make it work, and if it aligns with the blog. We also welcome guest posts from KT readers or members of the community. So, if you’ve got an idea or something to share and you think it fits, send it in.

6.  We’re a company/brand and we’d like to partner with you in some way. What can you offer & how do we go about this?

I enjoy collaborating with brands I love and sharing these with my audience. Please check out my Work With Me Page for more details and I’ll be happy to discuss further. You may also shoot me an email.

7. Why did you start blogging and how did you manage to grow your audience so quickly?

The short answer is that I needed an outlet for the many thoughts and questions in my head. So I created the blog I would like to read — filled with my daily personal experiences and those of other women which I felt weren’t out there. I believe this relatability helped to grow the blog relatively quickly. If you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes work of blogging, I generally share some blogging tips and advice when I can.

If you have any other questions, please send an email at and I’ll try to respond. 

Kachi. Xx