One very frequent challenge that many bloggers face is lack of consistency. And amidst other reasons, a lack of ideas or what to write about often leads to a lack of consistency. I’ll have to say that running out of blog post content is not a challenge I often encounter. The thought may have only crossed my mind when I newly started blogging and I was afraid that I’ll run out of things to write.

On the contrary, I typically wonder if I’ll be able and diligent enough to address and write about all of the topics in my head. I sometimes wish technology has got to the point where my thoughts and ideas can simply be extracted into a blog post without me having to put pen to paper or to raise my fingers in typing.

But then, I recently found myself somewhat in that spot. I wasn’t out of ideas or inspiration but I only wanted to talk about motherhood and  my new found status of being a mother. I had so many things to share, but there was often an element of motherhood to it. Motherhood can definitely be overwhelming. If I thought of writing a piece about going to the moon, it would most likely be phrased as “how to go to the moon as a new mum” or “the best way to keep your kids occupied when you’re off to the moon“. Oh dear.

But this isn’t a mummy blog and not all of my followers are interested in mummy posts. So I needed to snap out of it.

And I think I did, thus creating new content ideas. As a blogger or creative to consistently have fresh relevant ideas, here are some tips:

1.  Have a pen & paper always

There’s a saying that the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory. And in relation to blogging, perhaps wiser words have never been said. We’re often tempted to rely so much on our brains and memory for the retention of ideas. It happens such that at the time the ideas come up, you’re unlikely to believe you’d ever forget them. But alas you do, sadly. Sometimes it’s just not the general ideas in themselves – it’s the killer introduction or punchline that should have taken your writing from a zero to hero. But when you need it, your memory fails you.

Your notepad won’t fail you. Well except it gets lost or stolen. But even at that I find that words written down are easier to remember. So get a small size note book that you can easily carry everywhere. Inspiration strikes at any time. In this age, more technology inclined people will argue that your notes app on your phone serves the same function. Considering I’m currently typing this from my notes app and I have no less than 20 notes relating to blog ideas on this app, I agree to an extent.

So when my head was filled with mummy posts I had to dig out my old note books (and half written notes) including some from almost 2 years to ago when I had just started this blog.

2. Switch up your Routine / Environment

We can only share what we come across or encounter for our stories or blog posts to be true and passionate. So if I’m spending all of my 24 hours in a day nappy changing, bottle feeding and burping a baby – no prizes for guessing that’s all in my head. My friend said to not worry that once I change my routine a bit – step out of the house more, have dinner with friends -fresh ideas are bound to come. I agree. Remember that you can really share or write about anything arising from your new routine provided that there’s something your readers can take away. Or just enjoy.

If for some reason we’re not able to drastically change our physical daily routine or commute or the people we’re surrounded by, we  could easily switch up other seemingly mundane parts of our lives. So consider little things such watching TV channels other than your regular ones, or reading blogs, books and magazines that you may ordinarily not consider.  I personally find that magazines are often a gem for inspiration!

3. Utilise Social Media / Google Search

Social Media is such a gold mine for blog posts ideas, for the simple reason that we spend so much time on there, and air our voices and concerns on different things.

So look through the comment section and explore tab on Instagram or trending tweets and conversations on Twitter. Scan through online forums like Quora, Reddit or Facebook. You’re likely find something to light up for brain, air your opinion on or teach & inform others. Alternatively you could think up a general topic or keyword  and then do a web google search to see what others search relating to that keyword or what others have written on that – and then put your your own spin/ experience on it.

4. Ask your readers / others for ideas

If you’re not the only one reading your blog, then it’s always a good idea to ask for suggestions from your readers. You’d be surprised at how much inspiration and ideas they’d send your way. More importantly you’d be fulfilling a need and actually sharing what they want.

I simply tweeted and shared on Instagram  that I was kind of stuck in mummy world and I got quite a number of suggestions as to what to write. Now the fact that people have suggested these ideas do not mean that the inspiration and ability to write them would come very easily. But back to number 1 – write these ideas down, revisit it often and finally flesh out a full post when you can!

Finally, don’t beat yourself up too much for being out of ideas. It’s advisable to be alert and try to brainstorm as much as possible, but sometimes a break is all you need for new ideas to spring forth. But don’t let  it go for too long, your brain may just get lazy!

It’s also a good time to do other blog related activities that would still be beneficial to the blog. Such as promoting old posts, fixing bugs or missing links, finding and reaching out to other bloggers or using these ways to improve your blog look, and layout.

And well, if nothing else works, the fact that you’re at a loss of blog ideas could be the inspiration for a brand new post – as I have very clearly done!

As a blogger are you often at a loss for content? How do you get around that, create and plan content? Love to hear! And taking my own advice. let me know what you’d like to see more of on the blog!

Kachee…  xx

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ppS: I could have titled this post “how to find blog inspiration as a new mum” and it’d still be relevant! Ha. I still wove this motherhood into it didn’t I?


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  1. RuthsTravel:Because I Believe

    January 18, 2018 at 11:43

    “I sometimes wish technology has got to the point where my thoughts and ideas…” I wanted this so badly some years ago I thought I was actually going to get into the process of inventing one. 😂What I love most about this post is the fact that your blog is a living proof of the amazing points you’ve shared. Theory and the practicality of it is such an unbeatable combo.Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity…” I keep recalling this truth. I’m an easily inspired person so where I get stuck a bit is sitting to properly understand and develop the inspiration I receive into full blown posts. Honestly, the moment I choose to sit at my table or whatever and work on it, more content is created. The love for what I do and whatever commitment I’ve made to publishing is my bond.I’ll really just love to see/read more of Kachee. I know that sounds cheesy but whether it’s about being a mum, law, life, love, somehow, there isn’t a post I wouldn’t re-read atleast, a second time for different

  2. Madeline Wilson-Ojo

    January 18, 2018 at 15:56

    Nice post Kachee. My pastor always says “a blunt pencil is better than a sharp memory”. But anyways, I totally agree with always having something to take notes on, be it notebook or digital.One thing I have done for inspiration is to set up Google alerts – so I just pick my favourite topics and have Google deliver the latest headlines around those topics straight to my inbox.Thanks againMadelinehttp://www.madelinewilsonoj…

  3. Dr. Asha

    January 19, 2018 at 03:39

    Great post! I was attracted by the title, and I kept reading because I totally relate! I get stuck on a particular word or experience, and my whole mojo is gone! These are great tips to come back to. Thank you for sharing! #BLMGIRL

  4. Omowumi Oguntuase

    January 19, 2018 at 08:28

    Been long you saw me! LOL. This post came at the right time. I was constantly either out of stuff to write especially since mine is a style blog and I have the constraints of camera/pictures but this year I had to remind myself that it’s not just style people want to see so I opened myself up to inspiration from other places. I also carry my blog planner everywhere so when something comes to mind, I write it down immediately. My last post on wanderlust came to my head that morning and before I knew it, I had drafted the whole post and it went up that day. I also started asking my readers and I have been getting responses. Great tips

  5. Bubu Green

    January 23, 2018 at 02:04

    “Sometimes it’s just not the general ideas in themselves – it’s the killer introduction or punchline that should have taken your writing from a zero to hero. ” That is it! I know how I have beaten myself over a lost choice of words to slay a particular post. lol. Now, I don’t joke with writing things down. This post reminded me of one of my first 20 posts when I experienced the ‘writer’s block’ and I thought it was the end for me. Twas good to have you and some other bloggers encourage me at the comment section. So you know what, you’ll be fine. Still in love with your

  6. Firstmahn

    January 23, 2018 at 08:49

    I can totally relate, and I agree with Bubu Green also, that punchline, that subject can be an issue sometimes. Something i got last year is that inspiration do not come until you set your heart at doing things, until you start typing, until you start writing you may never get the inspo you are looking for. Changing one’s routine, and always writing the exact words or line that comes to mind immediately is a tested and trusted way of not running outta ideas. And when the ideas are not coming, I relax and read my previous posts and other blogs as well. By the way your mummy’s posts are so cool to read… lol…

  7. Grace Smart

    January 24, 2018 at 09:18

    One way I get to generate blog post ideas is by reading other people’s blog and browsing on my niche. Way to go!

  8. Oreoluwa Aremo

    January 24, 2018 at 10:48

    Having a pen and paper is so important! I currently have my work journal close to me and I have written so many ideas in it for my blog today. Also, asking people help me alot too… hmm… creating ideas isn’t my problem but bringing the ideas to life is. Thank you for this post

    • Kachee ||

      February 1, 2018 at 21:27

      What’s the challenge in bringing the ideas to life? Writing it out? Equipment? I’d love to help if I can. Xx

  9. Yaya @ La Vida Dulce

    January 25, 2018 at 15:34

    Great tips and you are so right about inspiration coming at any time. If I see something online that inspires me I will save it in Evernote for post ideas or a jot a note in my phone

  10. Ej

    February 27, 2018 at 10:44

    uh Thanks for the tips,its real difficult sometime to keep up

    • Rae Talks

      March 26, 2018 at 19:27

      Have you tried prepping before? Like I am planning some blog posts for April and I am trying to bulk write to keep up with my blogging schedule for April. Also, I have found blog post do not have to be so long they can be short and sweet with the same impact. Hope this

  11. Rae Talks

    March 26, 2018 at 19:25

    Thanks for this! I am a faith-based blogger and because of this I think there is always something to talk about when it comes to faith.The part about social media I can relate too! I have seen some folk post stuff and i have thought wow I could write a post about this!

  12. ThatAshantigirl

    May 6, 2018 at 04:39

    Hi Katche, thanks for the tips. Really helpful. I’ve been blogging for sometime now but very inconsistent. You’re absolutely right about the pen and paper tip. Lol. Happened on a lot of occasions where an idea popped into my head and I figured I’d remember but that didn’t happen. Lol!!Thanks for sharing.❤