As the year comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about our Circle events. Hosting 6 events so far is definitely something I’m proud to have done this year, and I hope the upcoming December event tops it all (support us please!).

It’s hard to pick a favourite event. Each one had different vibes, different goals, and different crowd.

From the vision board to the photowalk to our karaoke event – which had the largest crowd. It appears people love a good day of bowling and singing eh?

But I absolutely loved our Potluck which we had earlier in May.

Maybe it was for no other reason than all the home made spicy, sweet and extra yummy dishes we had. From Sandra’s coconut cake, which (I still need the recipe for!), to Dami’s meat pies and Jollof rice, Mercy and Anu’s pasta, Chioma’s chicken, Onyeka’s Nigerian Abacha and fried fish, Ibukun’s GizDodo etc. I’m pretty much drooling as I type this.

Our other events had fantastic food but a restaurant cooked meal will hardly ever top one cooked with love. We will have to bring this event back on the 2020 calendar! Maybe have a potluck with a vision board session in January?

Aside from the food, we were pretty much home. Femi very kindly let us use her home for the event and so with pillows and throws on the floor, chilling and munching away leisurely, very few gatherings could have topped that.

But as usual, what makes our meet-ups so wonderful are the people. And this was no exception. It was such an open atmosphere and we managed to chat about everything from relationships to careers and motherhood. It was beautiful to see new faces and welcome old ones – as we continue to build this wonderful community. It was intended to be an evening of games and potluck, but the conversation took over and we could barely find time for games.

I thought I’ll share some photos from the event. So please enjoy below.

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Have you been to or hosted a potluck before? What meals did you or are you likely to cook to a potluck?


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