Welcoming Baby Number 2: Our Virtual Baby Shower!

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May 3, 2020
virtual baby shower during lockdown

Yes yes, we welcomed baby number 2 a little over a week ago – and we’re getting used to being a family of four! I’m looking forward to sharing all the details with you, starting with this virtual baby shower!

I surely did not see that coming. But then again, I didn’t think I’d be having a baby in the middle of a global health crisis. It was definitely an experience.

Okay, let’s talk about this virtual baby shower and how amazing it was! 


On Friendship: Do You Know Your Friends’ Love Language?

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April 22, 2020
friends love language

Is it important to know your friends’ love language?

A few years ago, my friend sent me a message saying something along the lines of “we really need to chat and define this friendship and what we expect from each other”

I must have looked at the phone for a good two minutes. What did that mean? Weren’t we just friends who caught up with each other, shared concerns, celebrated and supported each other. 


3 Easy Ways to Wear: A Cream Blazer

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April 1, 2020
how to wear a cream blazer

Is it weird that I’m spending a decent amount of time during this social distancing drooling over blazers? I love a good blazer and its ability to transform even the most basic outfits.

Right now, loose fitting and oversize blazers are my favourites.I don’t have that many, but I’m sure I’ll have added a few to my wardrobe by time all is back to normal. It doesn’t help right now that some of my favourite stores are running some pretty good discounts, and I’ve shared some of my top picks below. In my defence, I will be de-cluttering too and getting rid of old stuff.


5 Super-Women Talk About Their Business School Experience and MBA Degrees

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March 18, 2020
Women, MBA and Business School

For the past couple of years, I’ve considered an MBA degree. Although it isn’t the typical path in my law career I find myself drawn to it for two reasons. First, I’m pretty fascinated with businesses and also quite entrepreneurial. I like figures and not one of those lawyers who detest math! Secondly, as it’s been about 7 years since my master’s degree (which was too short!), perhaps I miss the formal classroom and would enjoy the experience of it all again!

More women are increasingly considering MBA programs. But why? I reached out to hear some first-hand stories. In this feature, these 5 incredible women share their MBA journeys — the whys and hows.


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