3 Easy Ways to Wear: A Cream Blazer

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April 1, 2020
how to wear a cream blazer

Is it weird that I’m spending a decent amount of time during this social distancing drooling over blazers? I love a good blazer and its ability to transform even the most basic outfits.

Right now, loose fitting and oversize blazers are my favourites.I don’t have that many, but I’m sure I’ll have added a few to my wardrobe by time all is back to normal. It doesn’t help right now that some of my favourite stores are running some pretty good discounts, and I’ve shared some of my top picks below. In my defence, I will be de-cluttering too and getting rid of old stuff.


5 Super-Women Talk About Their Business School Experience and MBA Degrees

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March 18, 2020
Women, MBA and Business School

For the past couple of years, I’ve considered an MBA degree. Although it isn’t the typical path in my law career I find myself drawn to it for two reasons. First, I’m pretty fascinated with businesses and also quite entrepreneurial. I like figures and not one of those lawyers who detest math! Secondly, as it’s been about 7 years since my master’s degree (which was too short!), perhaps I miss the formal classroom and would enjoy the experience of it all again!

More women are increasingly considering MBA programs. But why? I reached out to hear some first-hand stories. In this feature, these 5 incredible women share their MBA journeys — the whys and hows.


Recap and Photos from the KacheeTee Circle Q4 2019 Review, Refresh & Renew Session!

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March 6, 2020
Women's Workshop London

First off, Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

It’s definitely a good day to finally share some photos from this KacheeTee Circle event when a dozen women came together to inspire and support each other.

I was prompted by a lovely message I received a few days ago. An attendee at this event sent me a screenshot with a goal she set on this day which she had now achieved. Hearing that felt so good. I recalled that since this event, I had received similar updates, from exams passed to ideas launched.


I Tried a Food Recipe Box – Here’s What I Thought!

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February 26, 2020
FeastBox Subscription Food Box UK

In this post I sum up my thoughts about FeastBox recipe box, and I let you know what I think about food recipe boxes!

I’d seen various ads for recipe boxes on traditional TV media and via bloggers/influencers on social media. It surely seemed like the next best thing after sliced bread. A box of perfectly measured out ingredients with recipe cards. All you had to do was mix and match, and viola dinner was set!


9 Life Lessons from Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

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January 13, 2020
Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

From the first few pages into a Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, I already knew I was going to write this blog post.  And by the middle of the book, there was already enough material and lessons. But I had to read the book to the end to be sure I wasn’t missing out on anything. And therein lay a little challenge as the book seemed to drag a bit. Someone mentioned it to me as one she couldn’t put down and I begged to disagree. I could put it down. In fact, I did put it down.

Nonetheless, it’s a great book. And if you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal or How to Get Away with Murder – American TV series that dominate and partcularly showcased black people in lead roles, then you probably know Shonda Rhimes. But as amazing as Shonda was on paper (pun unintended), her life was apparently far from glamour. She was miserable. She didn’t socialise, said no to all the events, interviews, parties etc and preferred to stay on her own – engrossed in work. Then one day her elder sister says to her “you never say yes to anything”. Those six words apparently changed Shonda’s life and she took up the challenge of a Year of Yes — to say Yes to everything – the start of her amazing journey and transformation. 


On 2019 – The Year and Decade in Review

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January 3, 2020
KacheeTee in Coppa Club London

I contemplated writing this post because even though I had the words in my head I didn’t exactly have the willpower to put it on paper. But I’ve done something similar every year since I started blogging, and a recap is often helpful so I had to find that will pretty fast.

Hello 2020!

We’re a couple of days into the new year already. There’s been a lot of year and decade reviews all over the inter-webs and it’s a good exercise in reflection.


KacheeTee Circle Christmas Evening – Recap & Photos

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December 24, 2019
Business grant for female entrepreneur UK

For the past few weeks, this Christmas event – #KTCInvestinHER was a top priority and if you’ve been following along, you would know all about it.

As a recap, our aim was to crowdfund the sum of £1,000 to support a growing female entrepreneur in the UK and help her scale in the new year. We thought of it like a mini “Dragons Den”.

Thanks to the generous contributions of supporters, we hit our target of £1,000. We received 11 pitches from awesome female entrepreneurs and all the entries are on our Instagram page.

I started off the day with a brief introduction about the KacheeTee Circle and all the events we’ve had so far, as well as the reasons for opportunity.


2011 – 2019: Our 8 Year Journey to UK Residency

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November 20, 2019
Getting UK ILR after Tier 2 visa tips

A couple of months ago, Tola and I received our UK Indefinite Leave to Remain / Permanent Residency.

Technically, ours was a straightforward route. If you’ve been employed in the UK on an applicable work permit for 5 years, you’re very likely to have it approved at the end of the time period. Nonetheless, that 0.01% uncertainty and in our case 24 hour wait still made us feel a bit tensed.


KacheeTee Circle – An Evening Potluck!

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November 8, 2019

As the year comes to an end, I’ve been thinking about our Circle events. Hosting 6 events so far is definitely something I’m proud to have done this year, and I hope the upcoming December event tops it all (support us please!).

It’s hard to pick a favourite event. Each one had different vibes, different goals, and different crowd.


I Switched to a Four-Day Workweek. Is This the Dream?

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November 5, 2019

Is a fourday workweek a better option? I’ve always thought so. For the longest time, I didn’t really see any reason to work on Fridays.

But the possibility to do this had never arisen. I’ve worked in traditional law firms where one must not only work five days a week but also often work long hours and weekends. Only recently have such firms begun to accommodate some idea of flexible working and working from home.

But having moved on from traditional law firms to my latest job, I noticed how flexibility operates better.