“Babe, how can you not know how to sew a button”?

That’s what Tee said to me one hot afternoon, a few years back and while we were still dating. He had a puzzled look on his face and I can imagine I’d just dashed his hopes of looking like a ‘well-groomed hottie‘ that day. He had retrieved his laundered shirts from the dry cleaners earlier that morning and realised just before coming into Uni that the middle button had fallen off. He thought he’d stop by my room and I’ll help him sew it back on!

Oops. Fail.

In the sweetest tone ever, I said to him “Sorry Boo, I just don’t know how to. My roommate Teni does, but she’s not around. I could grab her needle and thread.  Do YOU know how to?”

Apparently he didn’t and we went back and forth about whether it was more necessary for a woman to know how to sew more than a man. And he asked who was going to sew our kids button if it fell off!

C’mon, with most of my tailors (okay my mum’s tailors) being male at that time, I let him know that it was a skill everyone needed and would be incredibly handy!  At the end of the conversation we agreed on that one point. If given the opportunity, everyone should learn to sew!

I was reminded of this when on New Year’s Eve (his birthday!) when his button fell off again. We were in such a hurry and so he just wore a jumper over it. During dinner with friends it got pretty warm and he wanted to take off his jumper, and we both had a good laugh and a private joke moment when we remembered he couldn’t because of the button!

Being unable to sew has made me do the craziest things. I remember going for a pretty important meeting and the lower hem of my dress was off and I felt uncomfortable. What did I do – I grabbed a stapler and stapled it. When I narrated this to friends later on I realised it was common hack – but not a great one! Sort of like this hack for flabby arms aka Bingo Wings.

Truth is I can sew on a button, but it’s never as neat as it should be. Much more than buttons I want to sew and amend my own clothes. Especially since moving to the UK where such skill based services are ridiculously expensive.

And even when I was back in Nigeria, I hated tailor drama – clothes never being ready on time, the style isn’t how you want it, etc! I know I’ve shared the hilarious moments at my wedding – the kind no one ever talks about . But I didn’t mention that a tailor ruined one of the bridesmaid’s dresses. All we needed her to do was adjust the length because it was slightly long – but then she cut it, made it too short and then had to re-add the fabric. I was so livid! That amendment is something anyone who knew the basics of how to sew should pull off. I’ve also recently heard worse tailor tales, particularly in relation to weddings!

As a law student as well in Nigeria, we had to wear plain white shirts and black skirts. But some girls liked to pull off fancy patterned skirts. I remember buying gorgeous black and white patterned fabrics to make into skater skirts. Gave these to my tailor and never ever got them back. It still hurts till today! Horrible tailors are also the reason I barely have any native clothes in Ankara fabric and I hardly ever buy ‘aso ebi’s’!

But the time to change all of that is now! Nope, I haven’t found a great tailor that won’t disappoint (they don’t exist). But I’ve decided to learn to sew. This isn’t a new goal. You remember when I wrote the letter to my younger self, on all the skills I wish I could learn – sewing was right in there and a lot of people said they wishes they could learn sewing too! A sewing machine was also on my Christmas wishlist and on my 2017 goals list. In this sort of Detox & Refresh – ‘new year, new me’ post  a few people said they wanted to pick up a skill this year – particularly sewing!

So, I’m considering learning with the SEW EASY Online Workshop which is really a convenient, cheap and easy way to learn to sew wherever you are and at your own time! But I wouldn’t want to learn alone, so I really hope you join me, and let’s form our own gang of ‘slaying sewistas’! 

It’s one thing to think goals goals!, and it’s another to implement it. There’s so much to achieve when you can learn to sew!

The Sew Easy Online Workshop

Honestly I think this is such a great idea and I’m quite inspired by the two ladies – Wonderfull Abuah and Folasade Dapsy-Dan who have created this. (You’re thinking if the former is her real name right? Yes it is and she loves it because it’s always a conversation starter / icebreaker!). They’ve been featured on various platforms and I’m so excited to see them grow!

How does it work and benefits of signing up?

It’s an online workshop. You have access to the course via an online portal which never expires. Wherever you stop for the day, you can always resume later on. It’s always at your pace.

A dedicated support system in your “classroom” where you can ask questions and get feedback the same day. Real time support.

Induction into their online sewing community where you can also benefit from amazing tutorials and business tips!

All courses are lodged on the online portal. Meaning you are no longer held bound by physical locations especially if your schedule will not permit it. Whoop! They’ve got students all the way from Fiji Island. You can sign up wherever you are. It’s all online.

No more time being spent on YouTube searching endlessly through thousands of videos for the right tutorial. All  your questions answered in one spot.

Who can Enrol?

Anyone. Male or Female. The courses are created for absolute beginners and those who would like to brush up their skills. If you’ve got a sewing machine, that’s great, but if you have not – you can enrol and start by learning how to draft patterns and cut, as well as sew by hand. Then when you buy your sewing machine at a later date,  you will still have access to the portal!

What’s on offer?

There are several courses being run at the workshop, but at the moment they are offering the ‘Sew-To Slay’ Course to show you how to make:

  • your own pair of trousers.
  • a pair of palazzo pants; and
  • a chic shirt!

You’d learn how to draft patterns using paper, how to easily cut your fabrics using these patterns and how to sew them! And you can sew them by hand if you’re yet to get a sewing machine. I can’t even imagine the absolute joy we’d have in making our own outfits! You’d also get access to the Facebook community with about 13,000+ members and so much support!

Timings and Cost?

This particular course begins Monday 6th February till whenever you are done!
Course fee: N38,000. But if you’re reading this and you pay between now and 1st of February, there’s a huge discount so it’s N20,000!

If you’re in the UK – that’s about £40 or in the US, $50. For what you can achieve, I think that’s super cool! and unlike attending a physical class where you could forget what you’ve learned, you have access to this for ever.

If you think the timing is too short, or you’re not able to raise all of the cash within this period, let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out for you!

So why should you do this:

  • You’ve always wanted  to learn to sew (and you promised yourself 2017 is the year of doing more!)
  • You have loads of designs in your heart but never had the time to attend a physical class on garment making – all you do is sketch. Well, bring your designs to life!
  • You are tired of drama from “those tailors”. No further explanation needed
  • You can actually start your business for real! Remember Desola, Creative Director of TwentySix Clothing. I shared how she learnt to sew pretty much under my nose, and that’s how her amazing line was born!
  • You and I will learn to sew together! and be buddies! Hahaha.

Ok that’s it. Looking forward to your response, so I can send the discount codes. Clean up your old sewing machines (or your mum’s) and let’s get into it!

And if you don’t think this particular course is the best for you. There’s loads more on their website including testimonials and photos and once you’re registered, lots of free courses too!

Get in touch: www.seweasyworkshop.com or send an email to them info@seweasyworkshop.com or a DM via their Instagram: @seweasyworkshop!

Now before you go, what crazy sewing or tailor stories do you have? Let’s have a laugh!

Kachee… xx

pS: Sponsored Post – but those stories are certainly mine!

ppS: It’s one thing to sew your own clothes. But then ironing. Check out these ironing tips and tricks! Number 2 is really cool. Other than skills, our habits need to be better this year and these are 5 habits to adopt this year (and always!)


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  1. Zinny

    January 26, 2017 at 19:21

    I remember my home economics classes back in secondary school. My teacher made us sew from scratch with needle and thread. We also made pillow cases and bed spreads. It was fun! I wanted to learn sewing at a professional level sometime in the past but I changed my mind.Wish I could join in, but I don’t think I have the patience, plus we had a good sewing machine in our house for years and I was just lazy to pick up the skill. I know you’d have fun, this looks interesting.www.zinnyfactor.com

  2. Live In Ibadan

    January 26, 2017 at 20:03

    Hahhaha…and this is the period I want to learn to sewwww.liveinibadan.blogspot.com

  3. Teetee

    January 26, 2017 at 20:36

    Me me me! I bought a sewing machine last year actually. How do I get the discount code pls 😀

  4. Olaa Bobade

    January 26, 2017 at 23:46

    This is such a wow. So many brilliant people around. I’m not even sure I can sew a button back on. Sigh. I never had the slightest interest in sewing tbh but recently, it’s been coming on so I’d be checking their site out and sharing it with others. Tailors can like to disappoint ehn, my very close friend is currently learning and she has even started slying me. Maybe it’s something they teach them? Lol, I kid. I enjoyed reading this. xx My Jumping Tale http://Www.laitanbee.com

  5. Atinuke

    January 27, 2017 at 08:15

    I started learning how to sew late last year, its a good skill to develop, I must say. Believe me, I have 5 instances where tailors broke my heart! If they don’t fail in getting the exact style, the outfit is gonna be oversize, or too tight or it isnt just ready when I need it! So I decided to take it up, and it’s been fun. Youtube has been coming to the rescue too. This workshop is such a great one, brilliant ideas exist oo.tinukeawe.wordpress.com

  6. A girl called

    January 28, 2017 at 23:01

    I think it’s a skill we should all know the basics on both male and female. I have had bad experiences with tailors, I remember when I tried to sew the “off shoulder ” trend top OMG it was horrible . Then my aunt’s wedding, I can’t wear the dress anymore cause it got torn, I don’t even know where I threw it after the whole event. Sewing is definitely one of my 2017 goals.