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If there’s one thing mums are passionate about, it’s the health, safety and hygiene of their children. I chat with mums both in real life and online and that priority always sticks out. While babies and kids tend to often drop their bottles, dummies and toys, we really can’t stand the thought that they might be exposed to harmful germs. This concern shows itself in several ways with regular activities including the frequent sterilisation of baby utensils. 

In doing this though, many mums and parents also really easy, efficient sterilising methods. Finding the balance between that peace of mind and relative ease can often be a Herculean task.

That’s where Munchkin’s range of hygiene products come in! If you’re a parent, then you most likely know Munchkin products. I love how colourful they are and the thought that goes into the designs and technology. They’re a US brand with a mission to simplify life for parents and I’m highlighting three of their great sterilising products in this post!

Munchkin 59s sterilising products for babies and nurseries

1. The Munchkin 59s Mini Steriliser

The thinking behind this product is absolutely stellar. Essentially it’s designed to sterilise small items on the go — perfect for dummies (pacifiers) and baby teats. If you’ve been around a child with a dummy, you know that they tend to fall out quite a bit. While some of my friends give the dummies a flick with their hands and a lick with their tongues (can you relate?), others race to find some water to clean it. Many times with our first son Jidenna I’d be on the go trying to sort a feed, and the teat would drop on the floor of a restaurant, the park or the mall. It would be a scramble to find a way to rinse it off and find hot water to sterilise it again.

This UV steriliser would have saved me all that stress. It uses the same UV light technology used in hospitals to sanitise a range of things from operating rooms to surgical equipment and is proven to kill 99% of bacteria, viruses and common germs without harmful chemicals or water. 

How to use the Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser

To use it, you simply place the dummy or teat inside the steriliser, shut the lid and press the button. The item is sterilised in under a minute, then the power light goes off and the item is safe to use. The UV light is also child safe and shuts off whenever the steriliser is opened.

I’m really glad to have been introduced to the Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser right now, as a new second-time mum, especially as I can use it for both a dummy and a baby teat. It comes with a USB cord for charging and can also operate on 3AA batteries.

I love that it’s super practical and quite well designed, with a strap to hang on a diaper bag or a pushchair handle when you’re out on a stroll. And if you’re going out without any of these, like for a quick stroll, you can simply clip it onto your wrist!

Steriliser for baby dummy and pacifier
Mini steriliser on the go

2. The Munchkin 59S Nursery Steriliser

This Munchkin Nursery Steriliser, like the Mini Steriliser, also uses UV technology. It is designed to sterilise nursery toys and other items in 5 minutes. You simply place the toys on the tray (careful not to let them overlap), close the lid and push the button. It is super handy for sterilising toys after daily/weekly use and for fallen toys in the garden or other awkward places. I also think it’s super great for toys that should not be immersed in water. A great item for the nursery and play area!

The device can also be used on phones, headphones, remote controls, keys etc — items which my toddler often has a fun-filled day throwing around to land in the weirdest places! Another great feature is that it folds down and has a rechargeable battery, which helps ease of storage and portability. 

3. The Steriliser Bags

These microwave Steriliser Bags are super handy: they sterilise baby bottles and accessories in 2 minutes. They’re a perfect blend of ease and practicality, can sterilise up to two bottles at a go, and can be reused up to 30 times. There’s even a handy tracker at the bottom you can use to keep count. The cool touch handle also prevents burns and lets you easily take them out of the microwave. I found these are perfect for daily use at home or at alternate locations such as the grandparents’ house and of course while travelling!

I totally think that parents will find these products very convenient and easy to use.

What do you think? Have you used any of these? Which are you keen to try out?


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  1. Crummy Mummy

    August 16, 2020 at 11:58

    These are so clever aren’t they! With a new baby we’re loving ours, and they’re so simple to use too.

  2. Priya Dharshini

    September 23, 2020 at 12:08

    Hey Kachi,

    I too prefer using steriliser even on travelling. It is much safer and by the way, thanks for sharing our journey on pregnancy and childcare. It was very useful. Love you both!

  3. Annie Obibuaku

    October 26, 2020 at 20:33

    Babies r digital!