Happy Weekend Links day again, and first off, a virtual hug for regular 9-5ers because it’s felt like such a long week on my end. My colleague recently negotiated an 8 am to 6 pm Monday – Thursday working week, so she gets Friday off, and I think that’s brilliant! It adds up to the same working hours a week but is bound to make such a difference. I’ll forever be an advocate of this, so let me know where to sign the petition!

In lighter news, have you been watching my Instagram Stories? I’m having so much fun with it lately. I’ve been working on putting out information, but in a more organised way. So far, I’ve gotten so much good feedback and suggestions, like making more videos and talking more. I’ll work on those.

I’m also introducing monthly Instagram Live interview sessions centered around the topics we discuss on the blog.  Did you catch the first one last month with Dee? We had such a good time and she shared a ton of useful information and experiences about being a full-time professional and travelling! The next session is tomorrow (Saturday) and one that all bloggers and content creators will love. We’ll be discussing everything about monetising content. So tune in, and send your questions ahead of time!

Now, here are a few links we’re loving or talking about from around the web!

~ Shonda Rhimes takes us inside her house. P.S: She thought it was ugly and wrong at first.

~ Ozoz (KitchenButterfly) is making a food documentary! Guess what it’s  all about? Agege Bread! I can’t wait to see this, and I hope more  documentaries about Nigerian food are in the making.

~ Have you really moved on if you aren’t happy for your ex? This post (and  the comments) gave me pause. It may not be that black and white.

~ Patrick Burleigh grew pubic hair at age 2. He shares his story of precocious puberty in this piece.

~ Did you see the Gillette AD. What did you think? I thought men’s responses to the ad were even more interesting.

~ This story broke Afoma’s heart.

~ Procrastinators, unite! This is why it takes forever to just do something.

~ What contraception method do you use? Osemhen shared in a (record-breaking) recent post that she doesn’t use any! Plus what she does instead.

~ If you’re already thinking of Valentine day, recall that these 9 chefs shared their fave meals to make for their valentine. And nope — doesn’t have to be romantic interest, so get cooking!

I don’t have any exciting things planned for the weekend (although things often pop up!) But the vision board and goal setting event is next weekend — I’m pumped! Interestingly, I attended a “vision board party” this week and it showed me all the things I’ve worked to avoid on this event. Since my friend and I were absolutely starving, it didn’t help that there was no food, it was pretty crowded and didn’t feel intimate. We barely had time to work on the boards or even network. So that’s why I’ve chosen to keep this to a maximum of ten ladies, ensure there’s food, and of course, ample time to learn about goal setting, map our goals, craft our boards. I’d like to make sure that all the ladies leave with at least half a dozen new people they can count on in their circle! You know I’ll be back to tell you honestly how it all went.

What have you been up to? Any news or links to share with us?


P.S: Catch up on our last set of links if you missed them!


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  1. Berry Dakara

    January 25, 2019 at 16:23

    Nothing much up for the weekend apart from1. Blogging/Youtube chores on Saturday2. Season 2 Premiere of the talk show I cohost with my sister and cousin on SundayI’m going to check out the BlazersnBaby, and ManRepeller links stat!Berry Dakara Blog

    • Berry Dakara

      January 25, 2019 at 17:12

      PS. You want me to cry at my desk at work shey? I just read the link Afoma suggested.

      • Afoma

        January 25, 2019 at 23:58


  2. Ngumabi

    January 25, 2019 at 16:52

    This week I’m paying more attention on my creative brand. Less blogging for me because I already sorted out my post for next week. It’s going to be a chill weekend. These are some interesting links to check out this weekend. I’ll do that during my cozy time.Ngumabi xxo | How To Level Up Your Life

  3. 'Dara

    January 28, 2019 at 05:21

    That 8am – 6pm Monday to Thursday deal sounds like such a good idea! All the best with your vision board event!

  4. Aisha

    February 22, 2019 at 02:23

    Somehow the Shonda link is broken. I would love to see a documentary on Agege bread too, miss it! 😭😭😭And the story that broke Afoma’s heart broke mine too. Just read it. Gosh 😭😭😢😢. So sad