Hey, how are you?

I’m really asking as it feels like the past week has particularly been difficult with heartbreaking news all round. From the Ethiopia plane crash, the building collapse in Lagos and the New Zealand shootings. It’s all just painful to see and no one really knows what’s happening next. I wish we could in some way give the world a “hard-back” reset. But all of this continues to emphasise that we live each day well – with intention and kindness, striving to help others as much as we can.

What have you been up to? Spring is fast approaching over here and I’m very keen for it to get warmer. Anyone else feel really busy with lots to achieve,  but still surprised at how much time they’re spending in bed? That’s me right now!

Moving on, here are a few links for you to check out.

~ Blazers and Baby is one of our go-to mum resource spots. And Kachi has been featured in their “Balance Series”. Read the interview.

~ Hadiza shares five tips for running a blog and juggling school or a 9-5.

~ As a massive Serial fan, Afoma is looking forward to watching the Adnan Syed documentary! Trailer here.

~ This six method system of tracking job applications is genius for making your job search easier.

~ Here’s what An American Marriage (we recommended it here) author Tayari Jones did with her Oprah’s Book Club money.

~ Are you addicted to doing?

~ Nigeria’s Nollywood sweetheart, Adesuwa is on the cover of Vogue. Great feat but people have queried if she appears much darker in the photo?

~ This honest piece by Alex on her earnings and relationship with money was an eye opener.

~ 21 Podcasts for you + more recommendations in the comments.

~ Let’s end with something heartwarming. This Billy’s Donut episode on Twitter was super sweet and shows the power of community and kindness.

pS: final call to attend the KT Circle event: “An Afternoon of Books, Pizza and Wine”.  And if you missed it, see photos of the Afternoon Tea / Vision board  Event.

What are you reading or doing this weekend?



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  1. Aisha

    March 17, 2019 at 17:35

    Sad sad news all around the world, really wish there was a reset button truly. Praying for comfort for all of the people involved and their families. And for everyone else. I’ll be checking out the links soon. I think the Vogue cover is great though. She’s standing next to literally white people. It’s different. And I like that she took her own makeup artist, that’s wild! (In a good way)!

  2. Grace Smart

    March 25, 2019 at 21:45

    Lovely links and yes, adesua does look darker in the picture but is she expected to look fairer? She’s African.http://www.emetelivin.com.ng/