Another Friday!

I can’t believe I actually didn’t share the Friday Notes and fun links last weekend. I was practically looking forward to it because I felt I had quite a bit of activity. Well, it’s not too late. Let’s just flash back to two weekends ago when I shared Fun Links #2.

That weekend, we did go down to spend the weekend in Exeter – south of England. I was going to be in Exeter for work on Monday and the office had booked accommodation for Sunday night. But rather than just go down on Sunday, we decided to go on Saturday to have more time to explore.

So we got an amazing cabin on a golf course – which I absolutely loved. But the weather wasn’t too great so we’d be planning to go back in Summer. I actually asked the resort if they’d be willing to collaborate and I could write a review. They said it was a possibility, so let’s see what happens – *fingers crossed*

Now, why didn’t anyone tell me Logan was an X-men movie!. Having seen Hidden Figures, I was really excited to see a movie last weekend. And all over Twitter, I had seen people rave about Logan. No clue what it was – I just thought I just had to see it. Thankfully before getting tickets decided to see the trailer. Arrrgh. Not my cup of tea, can’t do science fictions and comics and all that.

Well enough of me,

Let’s see what fun things have been on the web

~ You had to have been living under a rock if you didn’t see the BBC video of the professor’s interview that got interrupted by his two super cute kids. I mean they are sort of celebrities already! But what I think it’s important to consider is how many (myself included) initially thought the lady was the nanny. Implicit bias? It lead to the hashtag #NotTheNanny and I loved this piece that discussed the hilarious interview and how bias works. And for a bit more fun read this pretty hilarious breakdown of the entire interview.  Who else rightly thought he couldn’t get up because he probably had casual pants on!

~ Think your husband is your soul mate or love of your life? Here’s an interesting piece about why for this woman her friends (and not her husband) are the love of her life. Thoughts?

~ So researchers at Cambridge think “Comb” is one of the top 15 words we no longer use. Bet they didn’t sample afro-haired chicks.  First one is “Golly” by the way. If you read Enid Blyton, you sure know that word!. They also list the top 15 words that have gained the most ground. ‘awesome’ is one of it, and I’ll have to agree. The rest include Google, Twitter, iPad, iPhone, YouTube, Email, Internet, Texted. Can you see the trend?

~ Following from that trend above, guess what – Children who do not look at phones make better friends! Not too hard to believe if you ask me.

~ Remember the childhood story of Rapunzel & when you probably wished your hair was as long – Well well, turns out she’s a feminist. In Disney’s new flick – Tangled – Before Ever After, Rapunzel turns down a marriage proposal, because although she loves him, she’s not ready to be tied down!

~ And on a lighter feminist note, Melbourne changes the traffic light sign from men to women. You should see the photo. Is this too much? Or necessary?

~ I have no idea why this video of a new way to make pasta has gone viral. I’m pretty sure I do it this way sometimes.

~ So according to scientists, big sisters are smarter, little sisters are funnier. Looking at my two sisters, I could actually believe that. Middle sisters? Well apparently middle sisters are more selfless. Hmmmmmm.

~ See this fun video of how cabin crew uniforms have changed in 100 years! The 1960s one sure looked funky! Not too sure about the prediction for the future though.

~ I helped a friend buy the most gorgeous diamond wedding ring this week. But it appears millennials are increasingly tilting towards rubies, sapphires and emeralds and fewer diamonds! Why, they are prioritizing housing, wedding, kids and holidays!. Thoughts?

~ Fiction lovers, here’s one for you – Hair Days is a delightful piece of fiction!

~ Finally it’s Mothers Day in the UK this weekend. This raw documentary titled NYLON of a mother on the loss of her 10-year-old daughter was heartbreaking. We pray we never go through that!

I’m sure that enough for this weekend.

What are you up to by the way? I think I’ll be having a pretty chilled kind of weekend. But share your plans!


Kachee… xx

PS: As usual, Afoma came through for me with a couple of links!


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  1. Debs

    March 24, 2017 at 13:10

    I wanted to go see a movie yesterday and since Logan has been everywhere, my first thought was Logan…glad I check the cinema site to read on it before deciding…it would have been a disaster as well.Thanks for sharing this Kachee…

  2. jennifer ijeoma

    March 24, 2017 at 14:25

    Interesting post Kachee! Lol…that professors video though…I expected so much drama to come after but the fact that they had to release another video explaining that the wife was not a nanny was too much. Some even said the nanny tag was a kind of racist construct. The traffic light thing hmm..I hope it does’t stop there because the idea of equality goes beyond that. The trend of millennials going for wedding rings that are not diamonds is justifiable. Shows that they are mindful of life after the wedding. If that helps them cut cost, why not? In the end its about getting their priorities right.I am looking forward to next friday’s . Shout out to

    • Afoma

      March 24, 2017 at 17:09

      ayyy Thanks for the shout out, Jennifer 🙂

      • jennifer ijeoma

        March 24, 2017 at 19:03

        You are welcome 😊

    • Kachee ||

      March 24, 2017 at 17:31

      Thank you Ije!I think referring to her as the nanny had a bit of a discriminatory undertone because the professor was white and she was Korean – like that class of people is more likely to be the nanny!We’ll be here next week. Have a great weekend! x

  3. Ufuoma

    March 24, 2017 at 17:21

    This is my fave series on your blog, Kachee. It always feels like a sit-down with a cup of tea and catch up after a long week. Love it.I am not one for science fictions either, even though I do plan to see Logan tonight just to see what the hype is all about. I’ll probably roll my eyes afterwards but I am too curious to let it slide.About that interviewer of a Professor that went viral, it was quite hilarious. I also saw that he got back lashed for not being a great dad and shoving his kids aside. I think that was a little unfair. I’ll probably have reacted that way. I think it was a really serious interview which is why he reacted that way or as you said, probably wasn’t wearing appropriate pants lol. I think the fact that his little girl came in to be with her dad says a lot about him being an accessible and great dad. Weirdly though, I didn’t think that was the nanny. The woman looks quite Asian and the kids look Asian too so I just assumed she was their mom. Looks like I was right.That cabin crew video made me laugh so much. 1960s – those were funky times, weren’t they?About the wedding rings, I think it makes sense that people are starting to realize there’s plenty of life to look forward to after marriage. That said, I will really like a diamond ring. Hopefully the Mr. wouldn’t have to break the bank too much for that. (Oh, I also read somewhere that Diamonds are really not worth much, it’s just the value that the society have placed on it that makes it so expensive. In the spirit of this links around the web post, I’ll share the link tehehe! http://www.businessinsider….I think I will be having a pretty chilled weekend as well. I really need sometime to myself and a break from traveling and adventuring. Sometimes, peace and quiet is all we need.www.theufuoma.comtravel lifestyle passion

    • Kachee ||

      March 24, 2017 at 17:29

      Thank you Ufuoma! That’s the idea and I’m so glad you love it!I think it was a ‘loving shove’, and not in any way deserving of a back lash. Like you said the fact that she could come to him at all said a lot. I have no idea why I thought it was the nanny – and again, I guess i was just unknowingly biased – without merit. Maybe it was the way she jumped. But then again, people have said that would have been a mother’s natural instinct.Lol @ you still wanting a diamond. Hopefully you’d get it. I think it’s fine to, as long as we’re not breaking the bank!Let me know if Logan is worth the hype – but because I’ve never seen any of the X-men movies, I think i’ll be a bit lost. Have a great weekend hun! Xx

  4. Live In Ibadan

    March 25, 2017 at 20:08

    I’m yet to see Hidden Figures. I should do so this weekend. Never thought Logan would be this interesting

  5. ThriveOnYourJourney

    March 26, 2017 at 22:15

    All really lovely links, Kacheetee!LOL! The hilarious breakdown of the interview! And I am so thumbs-up for the traffic signs, from men to women, i think it’s cool! Never crossed my mind for once, but i say Yes, to such inclusion! Ofcourse, we millenials will pick holidays and other plans to diamonds :)The NYLON documentary shattered my heart 🙁https://theimmigrantsjourne

  6. Berry Dakara

    March 26, 2017 at 23:37

    I laughed so hard at the professor’s interview, and all the following articles afterwards. It was genuinely the funniest thing I had watched in a very long

  7. yevandy

    March 27, 2017 at 19:45

    the profs interview is still the best thing on the internet. Its too hilarious..