Hey people!

First off, it’s September, and I hope you have an amazing one! I’m pretty sure we’d blink and we’d all be talking of Christmas. It’s the last quarter of the year and the home stretch! Any special goals or plans?

You’ve probably noticed I changed the title of the post, as explained in the last one. Works better this way as I’m currently typing this on Friday evening whilst having my second cup of tea of the day, I seem to be drinking a lot of tea lately. Have the English people finally won me over?

That said, it’s been an exhausting past week despite the fact that we had a bank holiday on Monday over here. We had such a fun barbecue and even though it was the only one we had all summer, I’m glad we snuck it in, as memories are everything. And as hoped, I saw Saro the Musical, and met up with Dee who I featured on this 9 female travellers post – we had such a great time! The only other note-worthy thing that happened last week is the fact that I finally started watching the series Power and also booked a dental appointment. I’m really looking forward to it, and getting feedback on my teeth. That was one of my 2017 goals. 

This weekend, I’m just looking forward to lots of sleep and relaxation and maybe creating some bit of content for the blog. It should be an interesting one for those in Nigeria and the US, as they’ve got work free days for Eid and Labor day.

Here are some links for your (long) weekend

~ One of my favourite Instagram pages is Humans of New York and finally there’s video content, which Brandon has been working on for over 4 years. Watching the snippets has been pretty enjoyable and the entire series is available on their Facebook page. The last video already has 3.8m views!

~ For bloggers and influencers, Mattie’s post on working / partnering with brands was very useful without much fluff; she also shared buzz words to know if you’re looking to work with brands. The lawyer in me loved that it had some useful legalese. Read it!

~ I’ve also been on the search for more afro/Caribbean or minority bloggers, and someone pointed out @simplycyn to me. Loved this interview as she speaks about blogging and impact. She also works as a lawyer full time in New York!

~ This week I shared annoying office / work space habits. Well for Londoners, these are the most irritating habits on the Tube. 

~ If you’re preparing for a job interview I have to agree that these 5 questions you should probably NOT ask. 

~ I’d often heard of Endometroisis, but never really knew what it meant. Kunbi of aisle perfect wedding website shared her endometriosis and infertility story – part 1, & part 2. It’s heartbreaking but she shared part 3 yesterday and everyone’s jumping for joy! I’m praying for those in similar shoes – for light at the end of the tunnel.

~ Nigerians often have interesting tales about our green passport. But it wasn’t always green! Here’s a photo of the Nigerian passport before independence.  Any thoughts?

~ I agree with this pretty much: how money can buy you happiness (it’s not via material things, and doesn’t have to be so much money).

~ Tee is so conscious of how our home smells, and making sure it doesn’t just smell like a house (if that makes sense to you.) And here’s 3 easy ways to make your home smell amazing. We often use number 1 and 2, and I’ve seen some for bloggers try number 3 to get rid of strong food smells!

Blog Spotlight – Hoops & TV

Our blog spotlight this week is www.hoopsandtv.com; and it’s a pretty niche blog! FJ reviews and generally talks about TV shows and sports. It’s so interesting to see him put so much passion into this – even though his day job a lawyer must take a good chunk of his time. I’m gradually making my way to watch a few more TV shows, so often having a review first is a great idea! Please check it out and share with your friends. Speaking of TV shows, is there anyone else who has never watched Game of Thrones? Let’s unite!


Kachee.. Xx

pS:  Kunbi’s post made me re-consider and take the ‘fun’ out of the title of this post. Because really not all the links I share are fun in that sense.  If you need some more things to read, check out older weekend links. 

ppS: For nappy hair chicks (and people who love them), I’ve included two giveaways in the post with nappy hair experts. Check it out.


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  1. Awe Boluwatife

    September 2, 2017 at 11:49

    Wow! My friend had showed me Kunbi’s story and was really overjoyed for her. I just took time to read her story now. It is indeed a miracle. As a growing christain, the faith journey can be really challenging. I loved what her friend Bolanle said to her “We will petition God on your behalf”. This reminds me of the four friends that carried their friend down through the roof so Jesus could heal him. Jesus had seen their faith. For everyone going through anything or trusting God, this is an amazing testimony to hold to. Congratulations to Kunbi and her husband! May God continually make you smile!

    • Kachee || KacheeTee.com

      September 2, 2017 at 11:56

      Honestly, you spoke my mind. Loved that Bolanle statement – and you just read my mind about the paralytic. I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on that story and the need for friends who would put the roof down for you! So thankful for Kunbi.ps: Interviewed Bolanle on the blog last month if you missed it: http://www.kacheetee.com/bl

      • Awe Boluwatife

        September 2, 2017 at 16:16

        You should Kachee!😁 Will def check it out! Missed the post.

  2. mosimi20

    September 2, 2017 at 12:20

    I really really like these fun links you share…..I get to see other blogs and interesting posts…I love Kunbi’s story and I am so happy for her that it turned out well. Currently watching the HoNY video.Simi || EatTechTravel.com

    • Kachee || KacheeTee.com

      September 3, 2017 at 18:46

      Glad you do Simi! Thank you… xx

  3. Abby

    September 3, 2017 at 07:49

    Kunbi’s testimony is so so amazing, I was so scared when reading Part 3 cos I did not know what to expect. Beyond happy for her! Simplycyn is super cool as well, been following since her addicted2etsy days, her travel and twist out pictures gives me so much lifee.On GOT, this entire post is me http://www.zikoko.com/post/

    • Kachee || KacheeTee.com

      September 3, 2017 at 18:46

      I just felt there had to be a wonderful part 3 and god came through! So so amazing!Omg girl – that’s me as well re GOT. Good to know we are not alone.

  4. Demilade

    September 3, 2017 at 17:33

    I don’t watch GOT either and I never have. Glad I’m not alone haha.You saw Saro The Musical? How nice, I would love to see it too. Loving all the links this week, can’t wait to read them/ check them out. Have a nice week Kacheei. xxCoco Bella Blog

    • Kachee || KacheeTee.com

      September 3, 2017 at 18:44

      They always make it feel like we’re aliens! Hahaha. Sara was really good. Glad I did.Thanks Demi. Hope you enjoy them. xx

  5. ifunanya Dibiaezue

    September 4, 2017 at 06:10

    This was such a nice and neat post! I look the idea. But what do you mean you don’t watch GoT, please explain cause I am not understanding. LoooL Nice post…xxxx sunlightdreamer.com

  6. Ufedo Love

    September 4, 2017 at 14:39

    I love these links you put up…on Kunbi, I kept praying God let there be a miracle at the end, over and over! I was so scared to scroll further…I am so glad for her and I am happy for her safe delivery(God has already settled that, whenever she delivers it will be strolling through a done deal!). GOT…what’s the hype biko? because I am still not understanding why virtually everyone gush over it. I have not watched it…any plan to watch it…Nah.memoirsofayoungwifeandmothe…

  7. Grace Smart

    September 5, 2017 at 10:38

    Awesome links. Just like Tee, I’m very concerned about the smell of my house because strong smells can nauseate me. I like the blog spotlight part. Nice addition.www.liveinibadan.blogspot.com

  8. Dee Olateru

    September 5, 2017 at 10:57

    I follow aisleperfect and bolanle. It was so heart wrenching to read but then the miracle and triumph at the end had me in tears for them… ahh the whole thing shook me!I particularly liked the ‘we will petition God’ . So solid , so rooted , so sure yet so supportive and giving kunbi room to process the initial disappointment as she needed to.Thanks for sharing